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What's up in January 2019?
Feb 1, 2019
4 minutes read

In 2019, I decided to push myself to write a monthly summary. Habit is hard to build and this shall be the challenge that I undertake for the year. Here we go!


January is a month of decluttering. Apart from sparking joy, Chinese New Year is around the corner and we should take this excuse to clean the room. Last December, I decluttered my online presence (e.g. websites) and credit cards. I stopped my obsession over web analytics and decided to keep a small blog (this) for reminiscence purpose. I canceled 3 credit cards and make sure whatever I keep in my wallet has a purpose:

  • DBS Altitude for everything else and transport
  • DBS Woman for online shopping and Grab
  • Citibank Rewards for offline shopping
  • HSBC Revolution for dining

This month, I threw many items away based on the fundamental philosophy:

  • Do I even remember that the item exists?
  • Is the item spoilt?
  • What is the possibility of using the item in the coming 6 months?
  • Can we recycle the item?

With that, I threw away at least 4-5 bags of letters, spoilt cables, unused cables and boxes that I can’t recycle. My drawers and cupboards are so much neater now and it feels good to own less items. My friend packed for 3-4 weeks and she’s still packing. -shake heads-


I have also bought a new mattress after talking about it for a few years. Went to IKEA twice to test their mattress but in the end purchase one from Lazada (hah!). IKEA’s mattress size is slightly different from the standard size, which means that I will need to purchase their bed frame if I want to purchase their mattress. After much thoughts, I decided to go for a standard Queen-size mattress to cut cost.

The mattress arrived in 2 business days. Heh, I made my decision based on the reviews on Lazada so I was afraid that I might not like it. Luckily, the mattress is exactly what the reviewers had mentioned: it’s really firm and valuable for the price. So glad that I didn’t go for those branded mattress, which I almost did. And that would easily cost 3x more than my current mattress.


I finished the book, “The Elephant in the Brain”, for my January reading.

It talks about the ugly hidden motives that human may possibly possesses when dealing with different issues like politics or educations. In general, I find that the book helps to open up certain perspectives that I have never thought before. When I applied some of these thoughts in my daily life, it kinds of complete the picture of why people (or myself) behaves in a certain manner.

I just hope that the Press Secretary in my brain is really skilled in deceiving my brain :)


A very short trip to Bangkok! Lazy but quite a fun and eye-opener trip with some peeps whom I met for the first time.

I didn’t change any Thai baht and used only the currency that my sister and cousin had passed to me. Bought more stuffs for my family to enjoy and that really make me feel happy!


Last but not least, I started to compile my monthly financial report in an excel sheet. I’m using YNAB to track my budget and expenses. At the end of every month, I will port a summary of my expenses to an excel sheet so that I can answer some of the outflow questions better in the future:

  • How much am I spending in a year?
  • What are the categories that I tend to spend more?
  • What are the things that I can cut down?

I think it’s important to always keep track of the expenses despite already setting a budget aside. This helps to reduce unnecessary waste and I hope I can put my money in a more efficient use.

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