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What's up in February 2019?
Mar 2, 2019
3 minutes read

In a blink of eyes, February has come to an end. I had a love-hate relationship with February this year. Here we go!


After using YNAB for 3 months, I decided to drop and return to a simple expenses tracking app.

YNAB is great for people whom are still struggling to keep their check in place. I’m very discipline so I reckon I don’t need an app to assure that I’m discipline in making every dollar works.

Well anyway, I save more than 50% of my salary this month. Woohoo!


I started reading “Start with Why” for my February reading.

The idea is… okay I guess but I really dislike how the author capitalise certain words. Here’s an example for illustration: “people buy WHY you do it, not HOW you do it”. It makes the book so hard to continue that I stopped half way.

So I started another book on “How to be a technical leader” but I didn’t get to finish it before February ends. I’m about 20% into the book and I really like it.

Many talks and thoughts on leadership recently. I’m quite sure I will be experiencing the same issues a few years down the road. It’s a good chance for me to observe, learn, hands-on and grow together with the rest in this case.

Apart from reading books, I have been trying to pick up skills in “hardware hacking”. :) Had a great chat with my ex-colleague last night and he suggested that I can start by learning how to do development on a hardware. I agree with him since that’s how I started my journey in binary reverse engineering.

So I went ahead to research for a Arduino starter-kit for beginner. Hopefully I can get a kit soon!


After experimenting a few ways to keep my notes, I realised that the most effective way is to physically write them on a notebook.

Not too sure why but I just can’t bother to refer to my digital notes. My current notebook was a gift from a very close friend and the paper are finishing soon. Wonder if I should replace the paper or what. Hmm…


I will always remember all your lovely home-cooked meals every Sunday when we were so much younger. Memories at your home were some of my best moments during my childhood. Thanks so much for being with us for so long. Hope you are in a better place now.

And this is the reason why I hated February.


And this is the reason why I love February.

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