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What's up in April?
May 2, 2019
4 minutes read

Time passes in a blink of eyes. The first quarter of 2019 is over and we are now almost half into the “new year”.

Can this get any slower? I feel like time’s catching up.


This month is really really crazy. I think I have clocked at least 50 hours weekly at work. The funny thing is… I don’t feel as tired as compared to the time when I just started at the new place.

Things are moving in a positive manner. There are plenty of new opportunities to learn new skills. In fact, the opportunities are overwhelming and it’s really up to people on the ground to grab it. I’m getting myself the data engineering/science (whatever you all want to call it), which is what I really wanted since last year. Building useful insights and lifting up our work beyond algorithms are very difficult… but challenges are the main catalyst to further growth. I’m really looking forward what’s more I can learn from this track of work.

Apart from knowledge++, my team have been making really good achievement this month. I’m really thankful to my student for putting in so much efforts in making all these work out well. Regardless of whether we are able to publicise our work, I think we should all be satisfied that we are able to get something out within such a short period of time.


I finished “Leaders Eat Last” in April. It’s written by the author of “Starts With Why”. I didn’t like the latter book because of his writing style but I have enjoyed the former book.

The book talks about how leaders in the organisation (or a team) should be putting their people first to create a circle that is comfortable for the team. Well, the simple concept of having a boss who sincerely care about their people and his team will gives their best The author argues that leaders who care about their people are usually creating a team that will pull off difficulty times.

I wouldn’t say I disagree with this concept. As a team member, I would want my leader to care about me personally and not just about the values that I can bring to the team. You know, all for one, one for all. This should work both ways. But I’m not too sure if this works in the local companies. Majority of the people I have met so far are too used in C&C kind of environment. Most of them wait for commands to execute tasks given by the boss. I don’t think I have met anyone who delivers beyond their tasks (not saying that I do, that’s up to my boss to judge me).

Even if all the leaders start to care about the people more than the numbers/achievements, will this translate into necessary drives to move the organisation further? I’m seriously not very convinced that it will happen for our local companies.

Then again, it’s still a great book!


I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a short comic strip on saving S$100,000 before 30s from a local artist. From my personal experience, I think it is entirely possible to hit that amount if we don’t spend all our money on non-mandatory items. In fact, I think that goal might be too safe. But I’m someone whom can use her bagback for 10 years before changing to a new one so…

Lifestyle creep is a real bitch. If we can control ourselves from changing our lifestyle into something that we can barely support, I think most of the young professional nowadays should be able to save at least 20-30% of their take home salary in the normal circumstances. You earn more but doesn’t necessary you need to spend more.

As we take on more responsibility in life, we will spend more. It’s inevitable. I don’t deny that it’s also necessary to pamper yourself once in a while. After all, we work really hard to give ourselves a better life.

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