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SIA A380 Suites Report
Sep 1, 2019
3 minutes read

After 5 years, I managed to accumulate enough miles to redeem 2x one-way suite class tickets to Sydney. This is a dream come true, as I have always wanted to take a flight on SIA’s suite class. I redeemed the tickets right before it was inflated this year. In fact, I purposely redeemed earlier so I will not be affected by the inflation.

The tickets cost 160,000 miles. On top of that, we paid S$ 162 for the airport taxes.

The Private Room

To everyone who asks why we took suits from SG to SYD instead of the other way round… this is the reason why we decided to take this route.

The Private Room is supposed to be the most exclusive lounge in Changi Airport. True enough, we were taken into a secluded area in SilverKris lounge (Terminal 2) upon showing our golden invitation to The Private Room.

To be honest, I find that The Private Room is good but not great. Good, in a sense you get to eat exclusive food as compared to the business class or PPS members. Otherwise, it’s just another lounge area where you can relax, eat and wait for your plane.

The food is great but I think it will be fantastic if we did not have our dinner beforehand. If you are planning to go to The Private Room, do consider to keep your stomach empty so you can try the exclusive food in the lounge.

Experience on Suites (A380)

This is the first time I’m the first few person who board the plane. When the crew announced that the first class patrons can board the flight, we stood up and it kind of feel weird. I guess that’s why we aren’t born rich…

So anyway, we were brought to our seat by the very friendly cabin crew. They seem to be much more senior that the ones we usually see in the economy class. And all of them seem to have the smoothing voice… which makes us feel really comfortable onboard.

It seems like everyone likes to take a photo onboard… The cabin crew offered to take a photo for us. Seems like they knew that it was our first time flying in the first class cabin.

Before take off, the cabin crew will ask if you would like to start with a drink. I opted for the expensive champagne and my travel partner opted for a red wine. If you are unsure what you want to drink, you can ask for a recommendation.

Everyone in the first class cabin will be given a set of Lalique pyjamas and a set of Lalique Amenityy kit (for the ladies).

In the amenity kit, you can find face mist, perfume and something else which I have forgotten. There’s also a nice pouch for you to keep the items.

If you took a midnight flight, you have the options to choose when you want to eat your meal. We chose to eat right after our take-off. You can opt to sleep first and eat later.

Once you are ready to sleep, the cabin crew will help to make your seat into the bed. If the flight is relatively empty, the cabin crew will offer to ask if you want to take your sleep in another empty seat so you don’t have to wait for them to finish making the bed. We opted to stay in our seat so they made our bed when we went to the toilet for a quick wash up.


The flight on A380 suites is so far my best flight in my entire life. Who am I kidding, right? You can lie flat while the plane is flying to your destination. So awesome.

I look forward the next suite class flight soon!

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