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May 2019 Summary
Jun 1, 2019
5 minutes read

I realised that I have no idea what I want to write when I created a new post in my Visual Code Editor. Most of the time I need to refer to my historical posts to recall what I have written to continue my new post.

This is because I didn’t have a proper post structure… and tend to write whatever I think I should have written in these updates. I thought it might be good for me to set a post template from this month onwards.

Chapter 1. 生活.

Nowadays, I spent most of my weekends with my parents to make up my absent on the weekdays. It’s quite ridiculous because I don’t get to see or talk to my dad at all on the weekdays unless I’m able to reach home before 7.30pm. It was eat-with-your-family day yesterday and I should have left at 5pm to go home and mingle with my family. Ended up I was so immersed with my work that I missed the time again.

As we grow older, our parents grow older too. We will start to realise that they do not have as much energy as before. White hair starts to grow expotentially, and they start to have wrinkles around their neck. Some common health problems start to be really obvious.

My friends and I have been constantly talking about life and death because it is getting very real now. Probably in another 20-30 years, our parents will not be around anymore. Do we want to wait till then and feel regretful that we didn’t treasure the time with them? I think I have spent an adequate time with my parents in May and I hope this can continue for the rest of the life.

I started to wake up earlier on the weekends. In the past when I started working, I will sleep in until 10+ on the weekends. Nowadays, I wake up between 7-8am and this makes my day longer than usual. My friend keeps joking that this is the life of a billionaire but I feel that I don’t have to sleep more because I’m getting old. Haha.

The point is, I realised I get to do more things if I wake up earlier. For instance, I get to reconcile my weekly cash flows and settle all my bills in the morning. I can write more posts, as evident that I have written 4 more posts in May than in April. Apart from this, I’m able to vacuum the entire house in the morning too!

I hope this habit can continue since I start to find myself more productive on the weekends. Haha.

Chapter 2. 工作.

I enjoy my work, a lot. After adjusting my mindset, I find that whatever I’m doing right now is aligned with what I wanted in the past. Even though I’m perpectually busy now, I have received endless satisfaction from my job. Still, I’m facing some issues at work that’s really hard to solve. These are usually human issues and it takes time to find out the best solution.

While I was given the autonomy to handle one of the projects, some people doesn’t seem to get the idea and I wonder why. It comes to me again that it’s proabbly hard for me to prove myself because I’m supposed to be young and inexperienced. I guess this takes time and I will need to prove myself repeatedly. Sometimes, it’s about how I want to step up my game and I think it’s time to step up and take a bigger responsibility in moving the work that I care about.

I posted this phrase, 见贤思齐焉,见不贤而内自省也, to remind myself about an incident that happened during my notice period in 2017. The first part means that we should learn from the people who are capable, and the second part means that we should also examine and learn from the incapable so we don’t make the same mistakes.

It’s even more relevant in my work today as I started to work with more people as compared to the past. I see how people build their relationship with people and get to observe how the capable ones strategically position themselves among the incapable ones. Since my working environment comprises of people from different background, I get to learn how they deal with different difficult situation.

One thing that I definitely need to improve… is to use a different perspective to deal with complains. I remember someone told me that such promote negativity… and I fully agree with this statement as I have seen it in my team. Apart from affecting the team’s morale, I think some might cause fake rumors to linger around in the team.

My friend once mentioned that I don’t complain much. I do, but I talk about incidents that affect my work directly. I guess this is very difficult because I know of people whom complains about everything at work. I think the way to do this… is to find a right channel to vent.

As we move higher, we should motivate our team members rather than instilling negativity to the team. I want to make this better so that we build the right culture for everyone to chiong with accordance to the outcome of the project.

Chapter 3. 金钱.

I wiped my phone and I lost my expenditure in the past on the app that I’ve been using to record my expenses. Fortunately, I have created an excel sheet to store the monthly cash flow because I somehow know that my records might go missing someday.

If we look at my average spending for daily expenses and mandatory monthly bills (e.g. tax), it seems like it hasn’t change much since January. I guess I was too busy at work to spend money on leisure.

I think this is a good sign. As we move in the 2nd half of the year, we want to be sure that we didn’t experience any lifestyle creep. We have more responsibilities now so it’s inevitable to spend more. But I’m glad that my inflow is increasing faster than my outflow!

Chapter 4. 其他.

I started to get lazy and I didn’t read any book this month. This shall be my cheat month and I will start my reading soon. Guess I’m too engrossed in gaming.

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