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June 2019 Summary
Jun 29, 2019
2 minutes read

This is going to be a very short update as compared to the past few posts.

Chapter 1. 生活.

So, it happened and it didn’t go as bad as I would have imagine I might have reacted. The current situation is super confusing but I think it might be a residue from the past. I like to review my life and reflect on what has gone wrong. It seems like the most important element has been missing for the past few years and I have been sweeping it under the carpet.

At the end of the day, it’s important for us to be truthful in what we want and how we feel. Like what most people said, time heals and everything will get better then.

Chapter 2. 工作.

For the past few weeks, my mind has been occupied by something else so I haven’t been planning about my work. But what I can feel… is that I’m getting bored at work and I hope I can take on something more challenging.

Chapter 3. 金钱.

I started booking the hotels that we need to stay in Australia. Hence, the travel category contributes to almost 30% of my expenses this month. Other than that, everything went on as per normal… and I still managed to save more than 50% of my take home salary.

There are articles suggesting that Singapore will hit recession next year. It’s about time and I’m glad that I have been saving good money to ensure that I can still survive even if I’m fired from my job today. I’m a believer in investment but I’m a stronger believer in cash savings. While many financial bloggers suggest to invest and keep a reasonable cash savings for rainy days, I would rather keep my cash and plan around the amount of cash savings that I would have when I retire.

This is really subjective though so it depends on your financial goal at the end of the day. Some people needs money for a lavish lifestyle; some people just want to ensure it’s enough for their meals; some might need to feed their family.

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