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Hotel Review: Conrad Guangzhou (The King Executive Suite River View)
Nov 1, 2018
4 minutes read

On our first trip to Guangzhou, we made our virgin trip to the Conrad Guangzhou hotel by Hilton. The hotel is located in Tianhe district (天河区), which is about 1 hour drive away from Guangzhou’s Baiyun International Airport.

It’s my first time staying in a luxurious hotel and I was so looking forward my stay with Conrad!

Conrad Guangzhou - Lobby on the 26th Floor

We were assigned the King Executive Suite with River View on the 26th floor. The suite was modern and really HUGE. We were so dumbfounded that we thought we were checked in to a wrong room.

The suite measures approximately 92sqm in size and it comes with a dining area, two separate bathrooms, a massive living room, a bedroom with king-size bed and a dressing corner. We can totally play hide and seek in the room, no kdding!

Conrad Guangzhou - The Living Room

We spent most of our time lying on the sofa in the living room watching movies on the cable.

One thing that I really dislike about the television in the room… is that they have annoying loops of introductory video when you entered into the suite. It will not stop unless you change the channel.

Conrad Guangzhou - The Kitchen Top

It’s a shame that the dining area does not come with any kitchen facility except for a microwave oven that’s kept in the cupboard. All the alcohol and soft drinks in the fridge are complimentary but they are not refillable.

I find the kitchen topping too small for the microwave. They should probably find a place in the living room to put the Nespresso machine instead of keeping the microwave oven in the cupboard.

Conrad Guangzhou - Nespresso, Tea and Bottle Opener

The kitchen amenities were kept in a box, which is quite uncommon in most other hotels. Nevertheless, it’s a nice heavy box that looks really expensive.

Conrad Guangzhou - The Bedroom with King-sized Bed

The bedroom comes with a king-sized bed. It’s really modern and I like the slight purple touch to the room’s furnishing. The bed is positioned to face the river directly and you can see Canton tower on the right of the bedroom. I really love the view at night when the Canton tower switched on its fanciful rainbow lights!

Conrad Guangzhou - The Bedroom with King-sized Bed

Well, I find the sofa placed at an awkward position. Even though the TV stand can be adjusted to face the sofa, it’s too heavy (and troublesome) to shift further away. We used the sofa to hang out dirty clothes instead.

Conrad Guangzhou - The Bedroom with King-sized Bed

The master switch controls are located right besides the king-sized bed. It was really convenient since we didn’t have to go out of the room to switch off all the other lights in the living room.

Conrad Guangzhou - King Executive Suite Bathroom

What I really find impressive of the entire suite is the bathroom. The entire bathroom is made out of marble and marble bathrooms are very rare even in luxurious hotels. There are bathtub and walk-in shower in the suite.

Conrad Guangzhou - King Executive Suite Bathroom

Look at how gorgeous the the sink area is! The bathroom comes with double sinks, which are really convenient so we don’t have to fight for the tap when we are washing up. There is a remote controller on the sink area that can be used to control a mini television behind the mirror.

Conrad Guangzhou - Conrad Rubber Duck

Every Conrad property gives a rubber duck for executive rooms and above. The box on the right has two packets of bath slaes.

Executive Lounge

The King Executive Suite comes with complimentary access to the executive lounge. As the hotel was new, the executive lounge was rather empty during our stay. I remembered the food served in the evening was not sufficient for our dinner. Most of the time we would need to get ourselves supper from the shopping mall nearby.

Conrad Guangzhou - The Executive Lounge

The lounge seems to occupy about 14 of the entire floor. It is the largest executive lounge I have ever visited so far There are many cozy corners in the lounge and most of them are great for big groups. If you want some quiet time, you can move away from the food area to acquire some solitude.

Conrad Guangzhou - The Executive Lounge

Most of the time we will try to catch the happy hour to enjoy both the food and beverages. It’s quite enjoyable to catch the unobstructed view of Canton Tower in the lounge. Since it was quite empty, we had the executive lounge to ourselves most of the time in the late evening!

Conrad Guangzhou - The Executive Lounge

Conrad Guangzhou is one of the best hotels that I have stayed. I have fallen in love with Conrad and I’m looking forward more stays with them in the future!

Conrad Guangzhou

No.222 Xingmin Road Zhujiang New Town

Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510623, China

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