Not bad, I’ve managed to update this space 4 times last year. I wonder if I can do the same this year and make it a note to reflect quarterly.

I came across a very interesting book called “101 Essays that will Change the way You Think” by Brianna Wiest. I’m only three chapters into the book but some of the elements are already provoking my thoughts on what I want to do better this year.

Three points for me to remember for this year:

  • An influx of fear and pain and having that feeling of being vulnerable are indicators that one is doing something frightening and worthwhile. That is, fear indicates there’s an interest and it shouldn’t be interpreted as a bad feeling.

  • Problems are what help to path the way and advance us to our next action. This is usually what I live by, but I want to remind myself repeatedly that “problems” are usually the catalyst for us to understand what we want and what we need. Problems are not bad, and we should take the time to identify the root cause and resolve it to gain way to what we need in life.

  • We are all living in the moment because logically we can’t comprehend what will happen in the future. Whatever that we plan now is based on our historical data points to predict what we may like to feel happy in the future.

There are many opportunities that were given last year for me to grow and understand myself a lot better and I’m thankful to have those added to my knowledge. Professionally, I gained a lot in managing different types of people. I hope I can push myself more this year to create and innovate more in different areas.

Onwards to 2023 and look forward all opportunities that may lie in my path!