I didn’t create a “Hello 2021” post last year…. In fact, I didn’t post a single shit last year. I wrote a post in February but I didn’t manage to complete it - don’t think I will ever complete that. It’s not that I’m very busy… I’m just very lazy to write anything. This post came late but I would like to write down some thoughts for last year.

To summarise, these are the main events that have happened last year.

  • Doggo has turned 1 and we celebrated his first gotcha day with us.
  • I started a new role after having a 4-months break from full-time job.
  • Everyone is healthy.

My priority has changed significantly ever since Tamago has joined our family. Apart from making sure I have enough money to eat and live comfortably, his mental and physical needs are my top priorities.


I can’t remember any sigificant event that makes me wanna reflect upon myself… It’s more of reinforcing continuous learning and making sure that I don’t fall into that comfort hole.


This quote is still quite relevant today. Even on social media, I think there are things that we can learn from in both ways. Glad that I’ve been quite open in my mindset to learn from different training methodologies.

It’s ok to be more open-minded… then we can make a decision of what we are comfortable and what we think it’s most suitable for our dogs. I’ve also learned to be more empathetic and be more careful in the words that we have said.

Lastly, it’s good to remain selective.


I didn’t make any goals for last year because I know that I won’t achieve them anyway.

So erm, that’s all I want to write for this post. Bye.