Looking at my “Hello 2019” post from January, I mentioned that 2018 is a really tough year because there were too many unexpected changes. However, it was a great year because my personal growth is really huge.

How about 2019?

Learn and Reflect

In short, I have encountered too many people issues this year. More than what I think I would want to handle…

I could take all these matters to the extreme. Like, I could choose to blame everyone around me or I could blame myself such that I felt insignificant in this world and continue to be demotivated.

But no, this shouldn’t be the way to go. I remember I posted this quote on my Facebook (last thing I ever posted on Facebook) when I left my ex-company in 2014.


This phrase means that you learn from the people who are great and reflect yourself upon meeting people who are bad. A supposedly leader was acting in a manner that I cannot comprehend and I was extremely upset. I reflected upon myself on that incident and hope I did become a better leader to my colleagues now.

So even if this year is not that great, I can take a step back and look at how these people issues can let me learn and become a better person in the coming year.

Confusion and More Confusion

I thought I can read people quite well but sometimes I cannot comprehend fully. If I dig deeper, I will drop into the hole deeper. It’s getting really hard to climb out of the hole and I hope I can do it soon.

Significant Events

Here are some positive events that I want to remember forever:

  • I did a brief technical talk to a group of 40-ish strangers for the first time.
  • We received credits for a vulnerability that we submitted to the vendor.
  • We have expanded our group with babies!


Last year, I made 4 goals:

  • To read at least 1 book per month
  • To gain more exposure in technical leadership
  • To exercise more and cut down on unhealthy consumption of food and drinks
  • And as always, to continue spend more time with people whom truly matter

I didn’t stick to one book per month but I have successfully significantly read more books than I did in 2018. This helps in expanding my knowledge, and evolving my mindset as I’m exposed to more challenges.

As always, it’s harder to create a good system to exercise daily. I did, however, more than 50 squats every night for a few months. Unfortunately, I stopped for a while when I was fighting fire at work two months ago.

Here are some realistic goals made for 2020:

  • To continue my contribution to improve security in industrial control system
  • To take at least one specialised certification in cybersecurity or perhaps in data science
  • To write at least once a month on in blog
  • To be more conscious about my words and improve my grammar (lol)
  • And as always, to continue spend more time with people whom truly matter

As always, looking forward to 2020 :)