2018 has been a really tough year. It’s tough because there are too many unexpected changes. But hey, that’s what life’s about right?

Looking on the past year, I’m pleased to say that it has been great. Tough, but great. It has been slightly more than a year in my new job and I’m proud to say that the growth is huge.

  • Learn more about human behaviors
  • More experience in managing different stakeholders
  • Acquire deeper insights in ICS security
  • Gain more hands-on experience in UI engineering, backend coding and infrastructure setup

The positive shift in my mindset has also helped to spend more time with my family and everyone else who truly matter in my life.

2019 is the year to keep everything simple and clean. I’m going to focus and throw away some of the wastes. I want to continue to upkeep my mindset and make every single challenge as a positive growth.

  • To read at least 1 book per month
  • To gain more exposure in technical leadership
  • To exercise more and cut down on unhealthy consumption of food and drinks
  • And as always, to continue spend more time with people whom truly matter

Looking forward to the new year!