I should have written this earlier but I’m really lazy.

Expenses in 2021

In 2021, I spent about $6,000 less than what I’ve spent in 2020. Thankfully, my expenses for my dog didn’t increase as much I thought it will.

Expenses in 2021

Recurring Bills (40.1%)

Recurring bills remain as the highest for the past few years as this includes payment for my insurance, tax, phone bill, household bill and all other subscriptions.

It has increased from 2020 as two of my subscriptions have increased about 5%-10%. Sometimes I wonder if I should just remove some of the subscriptions… but I think it’s tough to just say no to entertainment.

Pet (17.6%)

As expected, my expenses in this category has reduced compared to 2020. I expected this to be lower for 2022 as we start to stablise the food that Tamago eats.

But ok… we shall see how it goes.

Shopping (12.5%)

Wow. I didn’t expect this to come up as one of my top 3 categories.

But ok, 2021 was my tech refresh year. I bought a new camera (no regret btw), changed a new phone (my old one has battery issue), and purchased a 360 video camera to capture my memories with my dog.

Everything is worth it. No regret.

This category will more likely be reduced this year since I don’t do tech refresh annually.

Household (12.3%)

Petrol, season parking and misc payment. Nothing much I can reduce from here.

Petrol is much more expensive this year so I’m expecting my spending in this category to increase in 2022.

Eating out (7.5%)

I’ve been meeting my friends more frequently last year. I won’t be surprised if this turns out to be one of my major spendings in 2022.

Transportation (3.5%)

Ok…. I’ve spent more on private transportation in 2021 than I did in 2020. I think it’s inevitable as I need to travel around with my dog at a higher rate.

I don’t believe I can reduce this but I have shifted the pet transportion under Pet category to compute this more accurately.

To be honest, I am definitely lazier nowadays since I don’t have to go office daily. Any opportunity to save commuting time is very attractive to me.

Charity (2.2%)

This is a fixed amount… not gonna reduce but I might increase this amount in 2022 or 2023.

Gift (1.6%)

This category has reduced drastically because I had to help out at home in 2020.

I am not really a gift person but I do occassionally give angbao for my friends' life events.


Can’t quite calculate the rest of the category but those are definitely something I don’t regret paying (e.g. course for dog training).

Net Worth in 2021

I took a break from January - April. Best.break.ever. I had already hit my financial goal in 2020 so I decided to take a longer break in 2021.

In terms of savings, I save more than 50% of my annual income.

Emergency Cash

My emergency cash has increased by around 20% as compared to 2020.


I had cash out some of my investment in crypto and random financial product. Hehe.


Overall, I’m very satisfied over my financial status last year. Despite the 4 month break, I did not lost too much in my savings.

I had three goals in 2020:

  • Increase net worth by at least 20%
  • Increase cash savings/emergency cash by at least 10%
  • Reduce my unnecessary expenses by 10%

I did increase my net worth by 20%. My investment has been doing quite well! I did increase my emergency cash by at least 10% and I reduced my unnecessary expenses by around 15%.


Financial Goals in 2022

I think I’m still quite far away from my next financial milestone in 2025. Shall see how it goes this year!

  • Increase net worth by another 20%
  • Reduce my unnecessary expenses by 5%

I may have to start calculating how much I need for my retirement… Perhaps I might change my financial goal and retire at 45. HAHAHHAA. One can dream right? dreaming