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Hi there! I’ve been a cyber security professional since 2014 after I graduated with a CS degree from National University of Singapore. I spend most of my days researching and solving real-world security problems. My main focus includes analysing malware inside and out, enhancing detection tools and developing tactics to accelerate post-exploitation investigation.

Before my full-time job, I used to work as a freelance developer. I helped designers to build their porfolio and small medium companies to develop their internal websites. I spent 4 years working with HTML, PHP and Javascript before picking up C, C++, ASP, Java and Python later on. Recently, I’m in love with the beauty of ReactJS.

Yep, I acquire skills to build and break codes. How awesome is that?

The blog is primarily created to document my learning journey while exploring security issues and attempting new technologies and frameworks. It also serves as a memory lane for my random musings and thoughts. I write about my businesses so you may occasionally find posts like this that’s completely off on this blog.

Have fun!