Hey there, thanks for checking out limkopi.me! It's my pleasure to have you. As you can see from the featured photo, my ambition is to become a Doraemon. πŸ˜‚

In a nutshell, I'm a geek who happens to be passionate about many things. I'm currently in the cybersecurity industry. Being in this industry means that it is crucial to make sure I'm always updated with the latest threats and technology.

But... this blog is started primarily to share what I've learned with regards to content creation, SEO, affiliate marketing and making online businesses work out eventually.

Well, I've created online businesses on various platforms. Of course, not all of them ended up successful. Some are good, some ended up in the bin. But as a result of building all these businesses, I discover many tips and tricks that will help me to make the next idea better. Some people said that it's foolish to share... but I'm a strong believer in sharing. Ideas can be stolen but it's not so trivial to steal your experiences and skillsets just by reading a few blog posts.

Now, the blog is a mixture of businesses, food, lifestyle, finance, travel and technology... Ok, it's basically rojak now...

But it's true, my dream is to have as many resources as possible that can be stored in my belly pocket... just like Doraemon.